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Willbee Transit-Mix Co.: Investing in People to Preserve a Legacy

Willbee Transit-Mix Co.: Investing in People to Preserve a Legacy

January 09, 2024

Willbee Transit-Mix Co. is one of Jackson, Michigan’s oldest businesses in the construction industry. It began in Adrian, Michigan, in 1907 and eventually moved to Jackson, where it’s been thriving for 116 years.

It’s now led by the fifth generation of the Willbee family. “We’ve been here building Jackson since Jackson was getting built,” said Steve Willbee, Willbee Transit-Mix Co. president. 

It’s rare for a business to last this long, but it’s exceptional when it not only lasts, but also continues healthy growth and expansion. That’s a result of years of wise business decisions – and a deep understanding that for a business to thrive, you must take care of the people who run it.

Willbee Transit-Mix Co. chose Willis & Machnik Financial Services to provide a 401(k) plan for its employees. Since then, they’ve had peace of mind knowing that their plan was being administered by a tax-intelligent partner who clearly understands their business goals and can tailor the plan to their needs.

Like Willbee Transit-Mix Co., Willis & Machnik is a generational business with roots in Jackson.

“Willbee takes pride in the Jackson community and appreciates working with a financial advisor that shares the same feelings. Like Willbee, Willis & Machnik understands the nuance of a generational business and the importance of supporting the employees who support our business,” said Steve.

Willis & Machnik takes a client-first approach and understands the unique needs of businesses. With decades of experience serving businesses in a variety of industries, their services extend far beyond merely establishing retirement plans. 

“Steve knows he can call me any time, not just about his business retirement plan, but for any business decision he’s facing. We meet up regularly to discuss his goals and financial opportunities, and that partnership is invaluable in a successful client relationship,” said Mike England, partner and wealth management advisor at Willis & Machnik. 

To learn more about how Willis & Machnik can support your business through retirement plans and other tax-saving opportunities, please contact us.



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