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Elite Retreat 2019

<b>Dan Machnik Attends Avantax <i>&#8220;Elite Retreat&#8221;</i> in AZ</b>

Dan Machnik Attends Avantax “Elite Retreat” in AZ

This month I was honored to attend the annual conference for our firm’s top advisors.  Aside from the amazing, cloud-free and warm weather, it was an opportunity to continue to learn things that help me deliver the best value possible to you, our clients.  

The conference also enables me to network with some of the best and brightest minds in the wealth management field, to hear about ways they deliver services and some of the industry’s best practices. 

I learned a LOT!  It is extremely valuable to hear about and be able to apply products where they’re most needed, to help clients with sophisticated retirement or life planning opportunities.  But it’s also refreshing to see that much of what Willis & Machnik does on a daily basis, and what we strive to deliver consistently to our clients and the value proposition that we offer, is truly best in class. 

I’m proud of the firm that stands behind us.  Avantax endeavors to make us the best possible advisors to our clients.  Look for some exciting enhancements to the value that Willis & Machnik provides, including a streamlined system to help us analyze tax-loss harvesting, capital gains distributions, Social Security optimization, and tax-“intelligent” investment capabilities unlike what other investment companies typically provide. 

If you’re interested in learning more about a better wealth-management partnership, please give us a call at 517-784-5556.