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Willis & Machnik attends Elite in Arizona

Willis & Machnik hosts Mutualfun 2018

Willis & Machnik hosted the 4th Annual Mutual Fun for clients on November 1st.

Willis & Machnik celebrates 10 years in downtown Jackson!

Willis & Machnik in New Orleans June 26-28th for CONNECT 2018, which is the national conference for HD Vest Investment ServicesSM!


Willis & Machnik sponsored the JXN Young Professionals VIP Summer Solstice celebration at the Jackson Symphony Orchestra on June 22nd.

Willis & Machnik enjoyed Ella Sharp's Art, Beer & Wine event on June 2nd. What a great day for networking!


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The Jackson... Take in a show this weekend in #JacksonMI

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Willis & Machnik attended the Jackson Commercial Contractors general meeting last night #JacksonMI #getinvolved #communitybuilding

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In this month's video, James Hickey, discusses the highlights of Q1 2019. Highlights of Q1 2019 with James Hickey. #WandMWednesday

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Don't ignore these warning signs of money mismanagement or financial risk.  9 Red Flags You're Making a Bad Financial Decision.

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From navigating money in relationships to limiting "lifestyle creep," these smart money moves can help keep you on the path to a secure financial future... 

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Before you even begin preparing your tax return, there is still time left to take some steps to minimize potential damage.

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Think twice before you click on that email...

Fraud Protection: How to Keep your Accounts Safe #WandMWednesday

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Lacking the skills needed to make informed financial decisions hurts individuals and the economy. What can advisers do to help? Financial literacy: An epic fail in America... 

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We may still be working our way through the icy chill of winter, but warmer weather is just around the bend.  This means Spring Break 2018 is right ... 

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The Jackson... Swing into Spring this weekend #JacksonMI

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In this quick video, HD Vest's Chief Investment Strategist, James Hickey, discusses how the markets have quietly continued to grow over the past month and why...

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The process might seem intimidating, but it's actually quite straightforward.  11 questions to ask when buying a new car.

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March equinox facts and folklore. Before you balance that egg, read this!

Now that Spring is officially here, check out these facts. #FunFactFriday

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The Jackson...

Enjoy the weekend in #JacksonMI. Be sure to stop by the Home & Lifestyle Show presented by the Home Builders Assoc. of Jackson at the...

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Saving for College: Know the rules for transferring ownership of 529 accounts, beneficiaries and investment choices to avoid tax penalties... 

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The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament (a.k.a. "March Madness") began 80 years ago. The tournament was first televised live 50 years ago. The highest rated game...

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